remote aid operations

In times of disaster, crisis and need, we operate as more than just your network and digital technology provider. We are your partner with the expertise and experience to help you stay connected and work efficiently in critical situations.

We understand the stakes are high, where every second counts and every connection can save lives. That's why we support you wherever you are, through optimised corporate networking to connect your regional offices, remote camps, and local stakeholders, no matter how remote or what the infrastructure challenges are. 

Through state-of-the-art multi-orbit satellite networks and emergency response systems, we guarantee that we will be there when you need help, to ensure that your operations can be carried out quickly, safely, and without interruption.

When you come to the aid of others, we come to yours, wherever you are.

We are Marlink, delivering Possibilities. Anywhere.

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Bespoke solutions 
to support your mission

humanitarian challenges

We are one of the largest and most experienced network solutions partners to humantarian emergency and aid organisations, NGOs and UN agencies. We work with you to design, implement, and support customised solutions that optimise your operations and enhance your performance.

Connecting hybrid networks

Our innovative use of multi-orbit satellite networks connected to terrestrial infrastructures, ensures you’re always in touch and in control. Our engineering experts build every aspect of your solution, from network design to dedicated support with experienced field service teams across the globe. 

Digitalising your mission

We make it possible to avoid network downtime and cyber attacks so you can transmit vital information and coordinate missions efficiently, so you can maximise your impact at every stage of your missions, from general daily operations to emergency response, disaster relief and sustainable development.

Securing cloud access 

We understand technology. Our engineering experts deliver possibilities for seamless cloud solutions that include robust security compliance and governance to protect your critical operations. We make sure your people can access the cloud through your corporate network as well as locally at remote sites.

your humanitarian operations

Having a network that guarantees your connection and prioritises your team's ability to communicate effectively, can make the difference to a successful mission. From managing your corporate WAN and LAN to ensuring reliable fixed, portable and rapidly deployed communications to keep you connected. We know what it takes to provide resilient internet, cloud access, and telephony lifelines in the field to maximise your influence and impact.

Corporate operations

Stay connected and in control by deploying a secure, hybrid network combining multi-orbit satellite and terrestrial infrastructure to optimise vital communications for your organisation.

Daily operations

Link your regional centres and mission offices to your corporate headquarters with scalable hybrid network solutions. While you improve your efficiency with direct access to the cloud.

Emergency response

Improve situational awareness, speed up response, and connect first responders with satellite phones, portable broadband terminals and quick-deploy VSAT systems.

Disaster relief

Streamline the organisation of emergency communications centres, enhance emergency aid procedures, and ensure effective provision of lifelines to those in need.

Community & worker welfare

Enable affected communities to contact family and friends and receive critical information. Maintain your aid workers' well-being with communications and welfare services.

Sustainable development

Improve living conditions and economic development for rural communities through primary healthcare, online education, and eLearning solutions.

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