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We know that your network can make your operation a success or can be a challenge to your team. This is why we work with you to plan a network that helps you perform better and achieve your operational goals. 

In a world where hybrid networks can elevate your operations, you need a partner who can orchestrate multiple providers - such as multi-orbit satellite, fibre or 4G/5G - to reach the quality, speed, and security you need.

We create solutions that fit your goals based on strong network management principles, utilising the best technology available. For Maritime solutions, the core of your network management is our XChange NextGen platform, while for Land and Energy we intelligently integrate network and digital solutions with our secure SD-WAN technology at the core.

network management


Our remote network management technologies streamline your WAN and LAN networks for better efficiency and assured reliability. We develop, implement and manage set of traffic priorities, configurations, and policies for all your sites worldwide.

Utilising dynamic smart routing and Quality of Service (QoS), we simplify network management, reduce costs, and enhance your network's performance. This optimises your network infrastructure, improving resilience, application performance, and user experience. 

We also design, deploy, and manage scalable local network at remote sites that can grow with your operation, providing both wired and Wi-Fi access across your whole site.

Maritime Solution


Introducing XChange NextGen, the cornerstone of your digitised maritime operations. This comprehensive ecosystem seamlessly integrates with your corporate networks and systems, optimising bandwidth usage by intelligently leveraging all available hybrid connectivity and dynamically switching between them.

The XChange NextGen ecosystem offers a plethora of synergistic solutions. These include fleet-wide file sharing and synchronisation, an onboard intranet, round-the-clock remote access from any global location to the entire vessel network, automated reporting, and a suite of crew welfare solutions. This ensures that your crew remains as connected at sea as they would be on land. 

SD-WAN management


Our leading Software-Defined Wide-Area Networking (SD-WAN) solutions simplify your network management and ensure more efficient bandwidth utilisation by prioritising traffic across the multiple carriers within your hybrid network.

Our SD-WAN management includes smart application-based routing across your network. We identify key applications that are then assigned to the different connectivity layers based on traffic priorities. This allows us to ensure the network load is balanced, and path routing is defined to obtain optimised performance. As a result, latency-critical services such as ERP, cloud-based applications, online voice, and collaboration tools such as Teams and Zoom are prioritised and will not be interrupted.

network and digital solutions 


By intelligently integrating network and digital solutions with our secure SD-WAN technology at the core, we create a platform that works for you. Guaranteeing you the highest Service Level Agreement (SLA) for both uptime and application performance.

To prioritise your systems, we use end-to-end application performance monitoring to track and manage key parameters like packet loss, jitter, and latency per application across your connectivity carriers. We understand that user experience has an impact on the success of your operations; this is why we offer real-time reporting on all applications to ensure optimum performance.

Future-proofed &
fully managed networks

We design, build, and operate network solutions that enable you to think bigger, innovate faster and operate smarter, no matter where you are.



With improved security and application optimisation using best available bearer real-time, we can ensure your operations remain connected while prioritising performance. 


Customer Support

Global Network Operation Centre (NOC), committed SLAs, dedicated Service Managers, field services, global logistics and ISP licenses


managed solutions

With 24/7 expert customer support, service management, local maintenance and repair, customer portal for traffic monitoring. 



Delivering improved security on your network through integrated security, network segmentation and proven policy control.

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