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Whitepaper The Future of Polar Connectivity

An investigation into current and emerging satellite network capabilities and trends in the Arctic and Antarctic Circle regions.

Marlink’s latest whitepaper investigates the status and future prospects for satellite capacity and connectivity in the polar regions based on evolving vessel activity, and addresses questions like:

  • How has the pandemic impacted demand for connectivity in the polar regions?
  • What impact is the increasing demand for polar cruises having on bandwidth availability?
  • Will new non-geostationary capacity make possible new levels of connectivity as passenger numbers rise?
  • How can cruise operators and shipping companies operating in these regions best prepare, as sailing routes continue to expand while crew and passengers’ consume and demand ever increasing levels of bandwidth?

The report includes an overview of the polar/ice class fleet and its growth prospects, sample AIS data on vessel traffic in the polar regions, statistics on evolving cruise port calls inside the Arctic Circle, a summary of the available polar connectivity options and a comparison of the satellite connectivity networks available today and into the future.

Download the Future of Polar Connectivity whitepaper and find out how emerging drivers like Non-Geo satellites will shape the future of remote connectivity in the Arctic and Antarctic.

Download the whitepaper