Smart Network solutions to accelerate your digitalisation

  • Hybrid Solutions

    We combine and optimise satellite and terrestrial services for a seamlessly integrated and truly global user experience

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  • Digital Advantage

    Remote IT, Cloud access, cyber security, IoT and M2M help transform your business operations and achieve your digitalisation

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  • Tailored Solutions

    Our smart network solution ultimately becomes your single solution with committed SLAs, pro-active support, service managers, on-site field service, etc.

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  • Future-ready

    Our smart network solutions are constantly evolving to grow with your needs and encompass new services and applications as they become available

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  • Peace of Mind

    As a true network integrator, we design, implement and end-to-end manage your solution, giving a seamless user experience and complete peace of mind

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Our solutions

  • Enterprise VSAT

    Connect your remote operations with secure and resilient satellite communications

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  • MaritimeVSAT
    Maritime VSAT

    Optimise vessel operations with versatile, reliable VSAT from the world’s preferred maritime connectivity provider

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  • Smart Hybrid Networks

    Extend your reach with fully-managed hybrid networks, integrating satellite, fibre, microwave, 4G LTE, etc

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  • Maritime IoT BridgeLink
    Maritime IoT

    Centralise and maximise the value of your onboard data with one easy-to-adopt solution

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  • Network as a Service

    Manage your network with ease and enable smooth digitalisation

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  • IT Solutions

    Simplify and automate your vessel IT environment, to ensure effective operations and compliance

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  • Cyber Security

    Secure effectively your vessel and remote assets from cyber risk

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  • Welfare Services

    Keep your crew and remote workers safe, healthy and connected - just like at home

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Polar Connectivity Marlink

The Future of Polar Connectivity

Marlink’s latest whitepaper investigates the status and future prospects for satellite capacity and connectivity in the polar regions based on evolving vessel activity, and addresses questions like: How has the pandemic impacted demand for connectivity in the polar regions? What impact is the increasing demand for polar cruises having on bandwidth availability? Will new non-geostationary capacity make possible new levels of connectivity as passenger numbers rise? How can cruise operators and shipping companies operating in these regions best prepare?


Our Latest News

  • Tuesday 06, December 2022

    Improved User Experience & Faster Updates with XChange v5.4

    XChange v5.4 brings a range of new features to optimise onboard network management and improve the user experience.

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  • Tuesday 08, November 2022

    Marlink to taste the Magic of the Rhum

    Marlink is proud to sponsor the solo sailor, Jean-Sébastien BIARD, participating in the Route du Rhum

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  • Monday 07, November 2022

    What does an SLA look like in the NGSO world?

    In this article, we’ll explore what an SLA looks like in the NGSO world and how you can use a hybrid network.

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  • Thursday 03, November 2022

    How a Hybrid Network Solution Can Boost Work Performance

    Let’s dig into how optimised telecom network solutions can boost work performance

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