• Shipping

    In shipping, efficiency and safety are crucial. Our smart network, IT and cyber solutions digitise your vessels and comply with IMO regulations.

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  • Energy

    The Energy industry is about reliability, safety and efficiency. So you need a network partner, combining proven excellence with cutting-edge technology.

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  • Mining

    Optimising productivity, efficiency and safety in Mining is critical. That’s why you need robust, powerful connectivity to drive your completive edge.

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  • Cruise

    The ultimate experience of your guests onboard is everything. That’s why we enable you to provide them with fast internet access almost like at home.

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  • Humanitarian & Aid

    Lives depend on your response. We know your challenges, so you can rely on our smart network solutions, supporting every stage of your humanitarian mission.

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  • Fishing Icon Fishing

    Fishing is an ever evolving and innovative industry, with a resilient and entrepreneurial spirit. At sea, you need robust, reliable connectivity for seamless communications with shore.

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  • Government

    Make your mission-critical communications more flexible and efficient with secure hybrid network solutions

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Our solutions

  • Enterprise VSAT

    Connect your remote operations with secure and resilient satellite communications

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  • Maritime VSAT

    Optimise vessel operations with versatile, reliable VSAT from the world’s preferred maritime connectivity provider

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  • Hybrid Networks

    Extend your reach with fully-managed hybrid networks, integrating satellite, fibre, microwave, 4G LTE, etc

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  • Network as a Service

    Manage your network with ease and enable smooth digitalisation

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  • IT Solutions

    Simplify and automate your vessel IT environment, to ensure effective operations and compliance

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  • Cyber Security

    Secure effectively your vessel and remote assets from cyber risk

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  • Welfare Services

    Keep your crew and remote workers safe, healthy and connected - just like at home

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Our Customers

The remote control of ships is in development across the maritime industry and the technology enabling it presents opportunities to improve operations and safety, while reducing costs. In this film, we look at the successful SeaOwl Remotely Operated Services at Sea (ROSS) project, with commentary from some of the many people involved in its development.


Our Latest News

  • Monday 24, January 2022

    Inmarsat C Polling & Data Reporting Services Migrated to Aussaguel Teleport

    Marlink demonstrates its ambition to continue to invest in this legacy service in order to evolve and continue to maintain a good quality of service.

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  • Tuesday 18, January 2022

    Looking ahead to the tech trends of 2022

    How can shipowners and operators extract more value from the data their vessels produce to achieve greater fuel efficiency and simplified compliance?

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  • Monday 17, January 2022

    For greener operations, free your data

    Looking at the importance of data gathering in meeting the challenges of decarbonisation and digitalisation in shipping.

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  • Friday 14, January 2022

    When milliseconds matter

    The need for network flexibility and agility is greater than ever to better manage, control, and scale enterprise networks.

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