Smart Network solutions to accelerate your digitalisation

  • Hybrid Solutions

    We combine and optimise satellite and terrestrial services for a seamlessly integrated and truly global user experience

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  • Digital Advantage

    Remote IT, Cloud access, cyber security, IoT and M2M help transform your business operations and achieve your digitalisation

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  • Tailored Solutions

    Our smart network solution ultimately becomes your single solution with committed SLAs, pro-active support, service managers, on-site field service, etc.

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  • Future-ready

    Our smart network solutions are constantly evolving to grow with your needs and encompass new services and applications as they become available

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  • Peace of Mind

    As a true network integrator, we design, implement and end-to-end manage your solution, giving a seamless user experience and complete peace of mind

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Our solutions

  • Starlink LEO
    Starlink connectivity

    Are you ready to integrate Starlink connectivity into your remote operations?

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  • Enterprise VSAT

    Connect your remote operations with secure and resilient satellite communications

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  • MaritimeVSAT
    Maritime VSAT

    Optimise vessel operations with versatile, reliable VSAT from the world’s preferred maritime connectivity provider

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  • Smart Hybrid Networks

    Extend your reach with fully-managed hybrid networks, integrating satellite, fibre, microwave, 4G LTE, etc

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  • Maritime IoT BridgeLink
    Maritime IoT

    Centralise and maximise the value of your onboard data with one easy-to-adopt solution

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  • Network as a Service

    Manage your network with ease and enable smooth digitalisation

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  • IT Solutions

    Simplify and automate your vessel IT environment, to ensure effective operations and compliance

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  • Cyber Security

    Secure effectively your vessel and remote assets from cyber risk

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  • Welfare Services

    Keep your crew and remote workers safe, healthy and connected - just like at home

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Are you ready to benefit from Low and Medium Earth Orbit connectivity?

As a leading network integrator, Marlink has a technology agnostic strategy for ensuring we can provide you with the connectivity solution that best fits your needs. Partnering with Starlink, OneWeb and SES, we combine the latest LEO and MEO systems into our proven Smart Hybrid Network solution. All of our solutions are tailored around your needs, ensuring you have the low-latency connection you require, backed by the reliability of Marlink’s global proprietary GEO network infrastructure.

Marlink Networks

Our Latest News

  • Tuesday 23, May 2023

    Marlink enhances hybrid digital network solution for Polembros Shipping with Starlink

    Polembros will include the new LEO service on a trial basis to support crew welfare and remote technology.

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  • Tuesday 16, May 2023

    Marlink adds next generation Endpoint Security solution to CyberGuard portfolio

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered Endpoint Security solution will replace SkyFile Antivirus with superior protection for onboard IT environments

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  • Tuesday 09, May 2023

    Low Latency Internet and Reducing Emissions at Sea

    Low latency internet, with a very short delay or lag, can contribute to reducing a vessel's carbon footprint and emissions by enabling more efficient and sustainable operations.

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  • Wednesday 03, May 2023

    Telemar Yachting established to meet growing demand for digital solutions and service in leisure market

    Telemar Group will bring together its subsidiaries in Italy, US and UK to provide a new combination of digital connectivity, bridge systems and service to the yachting sector

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