Transformative solutions
designed for Smart Shipping 

We understand the complex balance between tradition and innovation and bring your fleet into the future with state-of-the-art IIoT and OT solutions. We turn the data into possibilities for you. 

We are dedicated to developing a smart ship platform that not only meets the dynamic demands of digitalisation, but also aligns with your vision of operational excellence and environmental sustainability.

Industrial Internet of Things 
& Operational Technology

Smart Ship platform
to enable your digital experiences

In the rapidly evolving maritime industry, the digitalisation of fleet operations introduces both challenges and opportunities. We stand at the forefront of this transformation, offering a suite of IIoT and OT solutions designed to seamlessly integrate traditional operational technologies with the demands of a connected, data-rich environment.

Our holistic approach provides a universal platform to support all your Smart Ship projects, from enhancing operational efficiency to achieving ambitious sustainability goals. By leveraging the latest in Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, we help you maximise the potential of your data, transforming operational practices with live condition-based monitoring and proactive remote support and decision-making. 

One solution
for effective maritime operations

Unlock the full potential of your maritime operations with our comprehensive platform designed to overcome modern challenges and enhance fleet performance.


Seamlessly integrate your navigation and industrial systems, ensuring robust connectivity on every deck, for reliable and steady data flows.


Implement real-time monitoring to gauge fleet performance and enable immediate insights and responses to the dynamic demands of maritime operations.


Facilitate remote management and maintenance of your maritime assets, providing control and oversight across all locations, enhancing asset longevity and operational readiness.


Simplify conformity to International Maritime Organization (IMO) regulations, with solutions designed to make compliance straightforward and integrated into your operational processes.


Drive cost and energy efficiency with enhanced visibility and reliable data, enabling informed decision-making that optimises operational expenditure and vessel performance.

Optimise and secure
your maritime operations

We have designed our full IIoT and OT solutions portfolio to help with the main challenges of Smart Shipping. We provide a unified technical platform that allows for tailored integration to meet your specific operational needs. With our solution, you can select and combine services that streamline data management, enable smart maintenance, and ensure secure remote access.

This portfolio is your gateway to enhanced decision-making and operational optimisation. It embodies our commitment to improving vessel performance and fueling cost efficiencies. 

Data as a Service
streamlined ship data management

Our Data as a Service solution is tailored for the maritime industry, this service facilitates data collection, integration and sharing across a broad range of devices and systems. From VDR, ECDIS, and Radar, AIS, to AMS/IAS, engine controls, cargo systems, propulsion units, and various sensors, we ensure seamless data handling for superior ship management.

Bridge electronics
smart maintenance

Experience top-tier maintenance services with our Bridge Electronics Smart Maintenance. Through our subsidiary Telemar, we offer specialised support for all bridge electronics equipment, compatible with all VDRs. This service provides rapid remote support and maintenance, ensuring quick resolution, and minimising downtime.

OT Remote Access
secure and controlled

Our OT Secure Remote Access (SRA) delivers secure, fine-grained, and controlled connectivity to your OT assets, providing a reliable link for remote operations without compromising security and compliance. This solution offers the flexibility and management needed for modern maritime operations, ensuring secure access to your vessel systems anytime, anywhere.

OT Security 
safeguarding your operational technology 

Elevate the cyber security of your OT network with our dedicated OT Security solutions. By integrating best-in-class technologies, practices and standards, we offer robust protection that's always in step with the latest advancements in cyber security. Keep your operational technology safeguarded and resilient against emerging threats.

Harness your data
power your decision-making

Embark on a data-driven journey across the seas with our Data as a Service Solution. As experts in system architecture and cyber security, we harvest, integrate, and standardise data from all types of vessel OT systems, transforming it into reliable and valuable insights for your strategic decision-making.

Our solution is universally applicable, optimised for real-time data transmission, engineering and processing, and ensures complete data transfer without loss whoever the connectivity provider onboard. With our edge and cloud technology, we offer a scalable and high-performance solution that is both onboard and ashore friendly, allowing for limitless storage and accessibility for all.

Benefit from a secure and future-proof Smart-Ship-ready platform, to maximise your investments throughout your digitalisation journey. We personalise your experience by providing real-time, historical, and customised data sets, ensuring a standardised and secure approach.

data services integrator

We are an end-to-end data services integrator, cementing our role as a trusted partner in IIoT, data management, and analysis. Our comprehensive offering, ranging from assessment of your needs and requirements to the production off tangible and exploitable data analysis, has been carefully designed to support your long-term strategy and enhance your investments.

Our complete range of services covers every stage of your data journey and ensures customisation to meet the different needs of your business and operations. 


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