SkyFile Mail

Reliable and cost-effective email, eFax and SMS messaging

Compatible with almost all satellite systems, SkyFile Mail is your ideal solution for email and messaging at sea, on land or in flight. Simple to install, use and update, SkyFile Mail works on any desktop Windows-PC or laptop.

Designed and adapted to meet the specific demands of communications at sea and other remote locations, SkyFile Mail is a robust, reliable and easy-to-use messaging tool, that provides you with peace of mind that your online communications are covered.


Manage your email communications with ease

Simple to install, use and update, SkyFile Mail enables easy administration of your messaging and can be accessed by multiple users simultaneously.

Each user has an individual, password-protected sub-account, even within a Local Area Network (LAN).

Monitor traffic and manage email accounts from shore

You can view and manage SkyFile Mail accounts and their configurations, as well as monitor traffic and download usage logs, remotely from shore with Portal360.

Blacklist, whitelist, quarantine messages and onboard subaccounts can also be handled remotely, and we have a quick button feature for reporting spam.

Handle split billing and protect data

SkyFile Mail’s split billing function sorts communications traffic into cost centres to facilitate re-billing, as needed.

The global account configuration is mirrored and backed up on the SkyFile server, ensuring important data such as billing logs and contact details are always protected. This minimises business disruption and helps to keep you in line with data protection legislation.

Protect against cyber threats

With SkyFile Anti Virus, you have complete protection for your vessels, remote PCs and networks against viruses and other external threats.

SkyFile Mail also contains device auto detection and profile management features, which automatically detect the devices in use and apply predefined rules to their connectivity profiles.

Gain vessel location data via GPS

SkyFile Premium has the additional feature of GPS data reporting, giving you the precise location, speed and direction of your vessel..

For vessels entering the US, we offer SkyFile eNOAD software for easy and efficient creation and submission of electronic regulatory forms required by the US Coast Guard.

Integrate with your existing applications

SkyFile Mail is fully compatible with any email software, allowing easy integration with existing applications and making it the ideal messaging tool for users onboard.

There are three levels of solution available, to suit your particular business and budgetary needs.

What our customers say

SkyFile Mail and Data Manager from Marlink make sure the network is secure and that files and other important communication are transferred in 
a safe and efficient way.”

Thomas D van Gorkom, Tech. Naut. Dept, Atlantic Comet