Sealink NextGen
The future of maritime connectivity

 Sealink NextGen provides high-speed, reliable, and cost-effective connectivity at sea. It blends advanced satellite technology to ensure seamless connectivity to support broadband internet, voice calling, video conferencing, and data applications; even in remote or challenging maritime environments.

Bringing together the best connectivity
the industry has to offer 

Sealink NextGen securely integrates high speed, low-latency services into your network

As a leading network integrator, Marlink has a technology agnostic strategy for ensuring we can provide you with the connectivity solution that best fits your needs. Partnering with Starlink, Eutelsat OneWeb and SES, we combine the latest LEO and MEO systems into our proven Smart Hybrid Network solution.

All of our solutions are tailored around your needs, ensuring you have the low-latency connection you require, backed by the reliability of Marlink’s leading global GEO network infrastructure.

We design and build your solution by intelligently integrating network and digital solutions, that are orchestrated via our secure SD-WAN technology, and end2end managed by our network operations centre and customer support to keep your operations globally connected.

Transform your operations

your operations

With improving safety and efficiency always a focus, your vessel operations can be transformed with an integrated Starlink solution, bringing access to the cloud, real-time data management and a seamless user experience.

Revolutionise crew experience

crew experience

The high speeds Starlink can deliver enable you to attract and retain skilled crew with fibre-like internet speeds capable of powering online streaming (like Netflix or gaming), while our sophisticated tools give you the full control to monitor, secure and economise crew web access.

Leverage SD-WAN 

Leverage the agility
of SD-WAN technology

Our smart routing SD-WAN solution provides you with greater business agility and responsiveness to keep pace with IT innovations and use of applications. It securely blends satellite, 4G/5G and wireless, and maximises performance by dynamically adjusting traffic flows based on the best available network conditions.

Flexible and fast 

and fast 

With flexible service plans and download speeds of up to 250 Mbps, plus small-footprint, flat panel terminals, Starlink can be added to your existing network with the support of our experienced engineers.

Secured and controlled

Cyber secure
and under control

The potential of Starlink to transform remote operations is clear, but the services are best effort and with a substantial boost in bandwidth comes greater exposure to cyber-attacks. Our holistic solution combined with intelligent routing and cyber security management in the XChange enable you to maximise the potential of your investment, while mitigating cyber risk and maintaining total bandwidth control.

Accelerate your digitalisation 

your digitalisation

We support your digital enablement and automation objectives and provide satellite-optimised solutions such as remote IT access, cyber security, and data capture via IoT systems to serve you as a provider of advanced solutions beyond connectivity.

Proactive monitoring and alerts

Proactive monitoring
and alerts from shore

Free self-admin tools, subscription info, dashboard monitoring and real-time vessel position info in Portal360, supporting you to: 

  • View subscription info
  • Monitor how much of your monthly plan has been consumed graphically and how much is left per vessel
  • Allow authorised personnel to apply self-service top-up options when needed at the click of a button
Full control and management

Full control
and management onboard

At the core of our offer, our XChange NextGen management platform is packed with expertly designed tools and applications to efficiently run your network:

  • Seamless integration of multiple network providers with automatic routing ensures global coverage and guarantees service availability
  • Traffic prioritisation and restriction, with access control keeps you safe from bill shock and guarantees consistent business critical communication lines
  • Firewall, data security and virus protection give you full peace of mind
  • Crew management tools support crew welfare, health & training

Enhance your business operations
with our integrated network solution 

Seamless blended networks

Blended, seamless routing delivers the advantages of a fast LEO network with the highest available uptime.

Migration of cloud access

Continuous cloud access to maintain applications, monitor critical data and optimise performance.

Boosted user experience

Faster internet means a vastly improved user experience, even powering data-hungry applications.

Advanced network orchestration

Built-in redundancy, with optimised network configuration to route and prioritise traffic.

Enhanced network security

Leverage SD-WAN to separate network, implement IT policies and securely connect with HQ.

What our
customers say

Drawing upon Marlink’s industry-leading experience in managing the integration of Starlink services into an existing network, we will be able to enhance the quality of life at sea for our seafarers while continuing to enjoy seamless VSAT services for business needs.

Captain. Hisaya Higuchi, Managing Executive Officer, Nippon Yusen Kaisha (NYK Lines)


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