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We understand the unique requirements of protecting your remote operations from evolving cyber threats. From shipping to the offshore energy industry, our cyber security solutions provide robust protection for your operations. 

Benefit from our global expertise and partnerships that provide state-of-the-art protection and seamless integration to equip your organisation against the cyber threats of today and tomorrow.

Cyber security
solutions and services

Securing your operations
with comprehensive cyber security solutions 

Cyber threats are increasingly sophisticated and complex. Now, safeguarding your operations is not just a necessity—it's a strategic imperative. Our comprehensive cyber security solutions and managed services are designed to secure and support your sites, no matter how remote or demanding the environment. From the open waters in the maritime industry to the technical complexity of offshore operations, and the dynamic world of humanitarian missions to the luxury of cruise ships, we have the experience and know-how to secure you.

We don't just protect your operations, we transform your approach to cyber security by ensuring potential vulnerabilities are effectively managed and mitigated to strengthen your overall cyber security. We work with you to create a safer, more resilient and secure future for your business.

NIST 2.0
full cyber resilience

Our cyber security methodology is based on the principles of the NIST 2.0 Cyber Security Framework and ensures that your defences are not only comprehensive but also adaptable. Our solutions are carefully aligned to the framework, covering Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, Recover, and Govern, to create an improved security posture, ensuring resilience and agility in the face of evolving cyber threats.

Our service portfolio - ranging from Risk and Compliance Assessments to Advanced Threat Detection and remediation - ensures that your cyber security needs are met with precision and expertise.

your cyber security

Benefit from a comprehensive range of cyber security solutions and managed services, from advanced threat detection to dedicated CISO services. Safeguard your operations, no matter where your location.

Identify & Protect

Manage your risk
and ensure complete compliance

In today's connected world, ensuring robust risk management, regulatory compliance, and vulnerability management is essential. Our service conducts an in-depth review of your organisation's security framework, highlighting vulnerabilities to cyber threats, such as data breaches, and emphasising regulatory compliance. Through detailed vulnerability scanning, we identify, prioritise, and remediate critical weaknesses and create a strategic plan that not only strengthens your defences but also ensures strict compliance with industry-specific regulations and standards.

Our comprehensive approach also includes penetration testing, mimicking real-world attacks to assess the resilience of your infrastructure and improve your security architecture. This is essential to ensure compliance with ever-changing regulatory requirements, maintain security, and align your operations with industry standards. Trust our risk management to protect your digital environment, enable continuous evolution, and explore new opportunities. 

Identify & Govern 

Outsource to experts
to guarantee security

Enhance your executive team with our CISO as a Service, offering strategic cyber security leadership customised to your operational needs. We provide leading expertise and guidance, ensuring your organisation's cyber security strategy supports your business objectives, even in the most remote and challenging environments. Our virtual CISOs bring a wealth of experience and industry insights, helping you navigate the complex cyber security landscape with confidence.

From developing robust security policies to overseeing compliance and risk management, our CISO as a Service is your dedicated cyber security advocate. This partnership enables you to not only solidify your defenses but also foster a culture of security awareness throughout your organisation.

Identify, Protect & Govern

Improve security awareness
to reduce risks

Cyber security awareness is fundamental to protecting against evolving threats. We focus on equipping your entire organisation with the knowledge and tools you need to operate safely. From reinforcing strong password practices to encouraging safe browsing habits, our programmes enable users to mitigate the risk of cyber threats effectively. 

Through targeted training and dynamic awareness campaigns, we embed a culture of cyber resilience that ensures every team member can recognise and respond to potential risks. By raising awareness of cyber security, we not only reduce the risk of data breaches, but also contribute to building a more resilient and secure digital infrastructure.

Protect & Detect

Secure your network
with future-proofed protection

Designed to meet the challenges of remote operations, our Unified Threat Management (UTM) solution keeps your assets and operational technology (OT) connected, while ensuring they are securely protected against the latest cyber threats. From firewalls and antivirus to intrusion prevention and web filtering, our UTM offering is a straightforward and efficient way to safeguard your global operations.

Built on cutting-edge Fortigate firewall technology, our UTM is engineered for performance in remote and isolated environments, providing you with robust protection for both your IT and OT systems. We also facilitate the implementation of IT policies and strengthen your network security, including specific measures to safeguard critical infrastructure. Compatibility with a range of connectivity options ensures that your cyber security remains both adaptable and robust to meet the diverse needs of your operations.


Effectively manage
authorised access

Secure Remote Access (SRA) strengthens your cyber security strategy by integrating essential technologies to streamline secure user management. Using policies and processes such as user identity and entitlement management, asset management, zero trust network architecture, and privileged access and identity management, we design our SRA solutions to ensure that your remote assets can only be accessed securely and responsibly.

By seamlessly integrating people, processes, and technology, we ensure only authorised individuals carry out the necessary operations. This prevents unauthorised entries into your critical IT and OT environments and allows you to monitor user activities and implement rigorous access protocols, keeping your operations secure and compliant.

Protect & Detect

Secure your
essential technology

Reinforce your Operation Technology (OT) cyber security with our tailored OT security solutions, to reduce risk and reinforce your systems' resilience. Incorporating leading technologies such as ICS protocol inspection, private VLANs, and micro-segmentation alongside proven practices within the NIST2 framework and structured zones and conduits, we deliver robust security for your operations.

With ever evolving cyber security threats to OT systems, we provide solutions that protect and adapt to keep your critical operational assets secure and resilient. Our commitment to rigorous standards, including IEC 62443 and IACS UR E27, underpins our commitment to exceptional protection, detection, and rapid response for you operations. 


Monitor your
entire infrastructure

Operate confidently in any environment with our Advanced Threat Detection. Our continuous monitoring with cutting-edge Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) - supported by reliable and relevant threat intelligence sources - identifies cyber risks early, keeping your operations safe across the globe. Remote updates and configurations ensure your cyber security evolves as quickly as the threats do, providing seamless protection without complexity.

Stay compliant no matter where your operations take you. Our solution seamlessly integrates into your existing systems, maintaining a resilient security framework that lets you focus on your goals. With us, your operations are secure, enabling endless possibilities anywhere.

Detect & Respond

Defend your
global assets

Enhance your cyber security with our intelligent and proactive Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solution, designed to protect your entire network and infrastructure. Our EDR provides an enhanced defence against the most sophisticated cyber threats by combining advanced analytics and machine learning with human expertise to protect, detect, and quickly respond to risks.

Our EDR solution is uncompromising thanks to its dual capability to utilise signature-based defences against known threats while employing behaviour-based tactics to catch new and evolving dangers. Our solution is tailored to reduce the stress of your IT teams, with automated alerts that reduce false positives and assist with rapid response protocols for confirmed threats. This enhances your operational efficiency while protecting your endpoints against intrusion.

Detect & Detect

Stay ahead
of evolving threats

Minimise your digital risk by protecting against the unwanted exposure of your organisation’s data, brand, and attack surface, with our Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) solution. Tailored to your operations and providing actionable insights on threats from the open, deep, and dark web, we provide actionable insights and foresight into potential cyber threats. 

Our CTI service enables our analysts to proactively hunt, identify, and neutralise threats before they impact your operations. Our expert analysis and advanced monitoring provide a competitive edge, ensuring your operations remain uninterrupted and secure. We also help support your cyber resilience through informed decision-making and optimised security investments, keeping your business one step ahead in a dynamic cyber threat landscape.

Detect, Respond & Recover

Protect your
systems and data 24/7

Concentrate on what matters most while our Security Operations Centre (SOC) proactively secure your network. Experience around-the-clock protection with our experts who monitor and analyse threats in real-time, ensuring your business is secure, no matter where you operate. Our proven detection rules are customised to your specific operational needs, ensuring the accuracy of our security measures.

When security incidents occur, trust in the rapid response of our analysts leveraging our cutting-edge Security Orchestration and Automation (SOAR) platform; a key component of our SOC infrastructure. We proactively investigate cases to resolve issues with efficiency and expertise. Benefit from our dedicated threat resolution and incident investigation to keep your operations secure.

your cyber security

Strengthen your cyber security practices with our comprehensive solutions and expert team. Gain peace of mind knowing that your operations are in safe hands and safeguarded around the clock. 

24/7 monitoring

Ensure maximum security with our 24/7 monitoring, rapid incident response, and continuous, real-time threat analysis, keeping your operations safe day and night.

Fully managed

Benefit from seamless end-to-end cyber security management, from assessment to resolution, so you can focus on your remote operations.

Security experts

Expand your team with access to skilled cyber security professionals, ensuring resilience and compliance with industry standards.

Global coverage

Experience seamless protection for all your operations, regardless of location, with our comprehensive global coverage.

Strong partnerships

Benefit from our collaboration with industry leaders to improve the resilience and sophistication of your remote security measures now and in the future.

Total defence
for your remote operations

Gain unparalleled confidence as we bring our proven track record of extensive protection to your operations. Our comprehensive cyber security solutions, ensure seamless and continuous safety for your fleet and IT infrastructure. Experience the peace of mind that comes from having industry-leading security experts and cutting-edge technology protecting your operations.

67 billion


Our SIEM system handles 67 billion traffic logs every quarter. Through this massive volume of data, we analyse network activities, identifying patterns, anomalies, and potential threats with precision. Through advanced algorithms and expert analysis, we extract actionable insights, empowering our customers to proactively secure their digital assets and stay resilient against evolving cyber threats.

19 million

Security events

Every quarter, our systems process 19 million security events, including web filters, application control, and Intrusion Detection System (IDS) alerts. These events are analysed by our Security Operations Centre (SOC) to distinguish genuine threats from false positives, ensuring that only verified incidents prompt further investigation or mitigation actions. 



On average, we raise 70,000 alerts to our customers every quarter, which are meticulously vetted by our Security Operations Centre (SOC) as actionable security incidents. Our confirmation process ensures that each alert represents a genuine threat and our customers can focus their resources on the most critical issues in their security posture. 


Major incidents

We support our customers with an average of 150 major security incidents per quarter. These incidents represent significant threats to security and stability of the organisation and require quick and decisive action to mitigate their impact. We can either recommend immediate remedial actions to your security team, or alternatively, we can execute

Awards &

Our dedication to cyber security is not only reflected in our solutions but also in the industry recognition we have earned. We take pride in our commitment to excellence and are honoured to have received various awards and certifications that highlight our dedication to securing your digital infrastructure. Explore our awards below, and know that you are partnering with a trusted cyber security leader.

2024 Smart4Sea Award

With our CyberGuard Unified Threat Management (UTM)we won the Smart4Sea Cyber Security Award solution for using a 'Firewall as a Service' model, which enables customers to seize the digital trend while maximising the protection of their IT and OT assets against cyber security threats.

2021 Smart4Sea Award

Marlink’s CyberGuard Threat Detection service has received this award in recognition for a “significant achievement or contribution to cyber security in shipping”.

ClassNK Innovation Endorsement

ClassNK has recognised Marlink’s CyberGuard Threat Detection service as a “technological front runner” in detecting cyber security threats affecting vessel operations.

Marlink Maritime Services Accreditation

The ISO 27001 certification proves that Marlink has implemented policies, procedures and controls to manage all cyber security risks which might affect its maritime services.

What our
customers say

 Partnering with Marlink has enabled us to take our fleet operations to a new level increasing both operational flexibility and safety which in turn enables us to deliver an even higher level of service to our customers.

Michael Hust, IT Manager at UNI-TANKERS


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