Minimising environmental impact

"Marlink will work to minimise environmental impact throughout the value chain and apply technology and methods to this. We are focused on increasing energy efficiency as well as using renewable and green energies."

ERIK CEUPPENS, CEO - Marlink Group

Reducing environmental impact

Marlink encourages waste recycling and following international rules of electronic waste handling and supporting a balanced local environment.

Marlink collects environmental data to report to follow trends and seek to minimise carbon emissions from parts of our operations.

We use 100% renewable hydropower as an energy source where available and encourage sustainable waste management at our locations.

Solutions to improve efficiency and reduce pollution

Marlink focuses on energy efficiency and seek methods and technology to minimise negative impact to the environment.

We develop digital solutions that help reduce the environmental footprint of our customers: tracking, telemedicine, remote management services, IOT solutions – these are just some of the services that minimise travel and on-site intervention.

And our connectivity solutions enable ship owners to optimise voyages to manage fuel consumption and report emissions data for regulatory compliance.

Plastic Odyssey’s mission to reduce plastic waste

Plastic Odyssey is the first floating laboratory dedicated to plastic waste recycling and will use pyrolysis to convert some plastic to fuel, as well as acting as local recycling unit, showcasing waste reduction initiatives and promoting new thinking around plastic use.

Marlink provides free Sealink VSAT connectivity and a package of innovative solutions including its Telemed remote healthcare service and global 4G roaming.

Plastic Odyssey aims to help reduce plastic pollution in the ocean and alleviate poverty at the same time. To achieve that, Plastic Odyssey is developing low-tech and open-source solutions to either turn plastic waste into a resource at a local scale or to reduce our global plastic footprint.

“At Marlink we share the aims and objectives of the Plastic Odyssey project. Pollution is not just a threat to the seas on which our customers depend; it threatens the future heath of our planet’s ecosystem. ” Erik Ceuppens, CEO, Marlink.

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