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Marlink is a trusted partner in fully managed smart network solutions, based on an intelligent hybrid network and unrivalled digital solutions.

A true partner, who goes Above and Beyond to help you run your remote operations in ever smarter, more profitable and sustainable ways to give you the competitive edge.

In today’s world, the power to connect your business operations and assets, even in the most remote and challenging places, has never mattered more.

At Marlink, we design, build and manage smart network solutions around your individual needs. We provide trusted global coverage, through our intelligent hybrid network combining satcoms, terrestrial technologies and digital solutions.

And through our managed services, we proactively take responsibility for integrating everything, from handling your critical data and IT to the most advanced cyber security, so that you can focus on running your business, knowing your remote network is in safe hands.

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Why Choose Us

The Marlink Group

The Marlink Group is the world’s leading provider of end-to-end managed smart network solutions that connect people and assets around the globe and in all markets that cannot be reached with conventional connectivity.

Following the acquisition of Marlink by Apax Partners France in 2016, the Marlink Group has made key strategic investments to further strengthen its leadership position in core segments and markets.

Today, the Marlink Group includes Marlink as parent company, as well as ITC Global, OmniAccess and Telemar.

Our Mission

Marlink is the expert of fully managed network, IT, IoT and Cyber Security solutions customers can rely on to run their remote operations in an ever smarter, more profitable and sustainable way.

We are your trusted partner who is with you all the way to bring you the power of a digital and interconnected world, helping you to digitalise your remote business operations wherever you are.

A partner who goes above and beyond. Because a connected world is a better world.

Our values

  • We innovate
  • We deliver
  • We take care
    • We are pioneers in the industry and constantly think of ways to innovate for and with our customers and partners
    • We are fully committed and even go beyond our customers’ needs to meet their highest expectations
    • We put our people, our customers and partners first