Corporate Responsibility

The Four Pillars of Our Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Corporate Social Responsibility approach is part of the Marlink DNA to develop our business and people operate responsibly. Marlink has incorporated and respects the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact into our strategies to establish a culture of integrity, value, trust and innovation.

Ethical Business

Engaging in Proper Business Practices.

We are committed to integrity in all that we do and in the way in which we interact internally and towards customers and partners. Marlink’s Business Ethics Policy and Rules are a guide to ethical decision making.

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Our People

Developing our people responsibly.

The Marlink Group is a transnational organisation and considers cultural diversity as one of its greatest strengths. Additionally, we support diversity in race, gender, religion, national origin, political opinion, sexual orientation, social origins, age and physical or mental character.

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Supporting Humanitarian, Community and Environmental Organisations

We believe a connected world is a better world.

We are committed to supporting several not-for-profit organisations and charities which strive to develop areas affected by disaster, bring connectivity to local communities in the most isolated areas, help children with critical illnesses and protect the coastal environment.

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Minimising environmental impact.

Marlink encourages waste recycling and following international rules of electronic waste handling and supporting a balanced local environment.

We develop digital solutions that help reduce the environmental footprint of our customers:  tracking, telemedecine, remote management services, IOT solutions – these are just some of the services that minimize travels and on-site intervention.

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Our commitment to integrity and reliability