Today, it’s not unusual for businesses to operate in distant, sometimes challenging locations. In cases like these, it’s important to stay connected to the outside world with a global network solution you can trust.

Marlink goes above and beyond to keep your business operations running smoothly. We make sure your network is always available, with the performance to support data-intensive business applications efficiently in your remote offices, while ensuring secure access to your corporate data centres, headquarters and the cloud.

We serve enterprise customers globally across various segments such as Mining, Energy, Utilities, Humanitarian & Development Aid, Media & Sports Events.

Leveraging Marlink’s long experience of delivering reliable and business-critical communications, we empower every stage of land business operations.

We have an extensive understanding of the challenges of keeping business communications running smoothly as well as the importance of reliability and flexibility. Our people, our network and our support deliver the reliability that guarantee the best performance of our customers’ business operations.

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Marlink empowers your business with best-fit hybrid satellite and terrestrial network solutions that transform your remote communities into a secure, interconnected world.

  • Network Reliability: Leveraging our extensive knowledge of our customers’ environment, Marlink provides reliable, quality network solutions that ensures a global, consistent, secure connectivity for our customers’ smoother operations.
  • Unmatched Safety: We evaluate our set up of your communication network at each stage to ensure safety procedures are fully adhered to – in order to reduce risk and impact to the environment.
  • Future-proof Solutions:  Our customers can benefit from our extensive knowledge and understanding of industry trends and the development in new technologies. We are specialists in digitalisation of your on-site operations.
  • Premier Customer & Support Services: A dedicated expert team – from account, project to technical and support teams – is at your side to develop, design and maintain your communications network – at every stage and for any remote operations globally. Our NOC (Network Operations Center) team provides industry-leading 24/7 expertise for any technical question you may have.

Marlink empowers your business with best-fit hybrid satellite and terrestrial network solutions that transform your remote communities into a secure, interconnected world. Our digital communication solutions keep your Energy business seamless interconnected – for smarter, safer and smoother operations.

We provide end-to-end fully managed solutions for business-critical land operations in challenging environments: mobile and fixed high speed broadband through our Terralink VSAT connectivity services, global hybrid interconnection, M2M & Tracking services, and ultra-compact portable MSS terminals. Plus a unique portfolio of innovative solutions expertly designed to enhance business efficiency: Network security, online management and proactive monitoring, WAN & MPLS, QoS, Bandwidth-on-Demand, VoIP and videoconferencing, Wi-Fi/Wi-MAX for extended site coverage as well as recreational services for on-site workers.


Marlink enables humanitarian operations to run smoothly, efficiently in remote locations where conventional communications are unavailable or unreliable.

  • Proven experience in the Humanitarian market:  Since many years we are the communication partner and one of the largest providers for emergency and aid organisations, NGOs and UN agencies. We provide humanitarian organisations with a global, reliable, best-fit satellite network connectivity that enables them to run their business critical operations efficiently.
  • Best-fit Hybrid Satcom & Terrestrial solutions: We enable agencies to set up emergency telecoms centers, optimise emergency aid processes and provide a lifeline to affected populations via reliable, cost-effective satcom solutions. Our portfolio comprises fixed, portable and rapidly deployed VSAT, MPLS, tracking and hybrid solutions to enable first responders and aid workers to perform their work on site – anywhere in the world.
  • Peace of mind: As a single supplier for equipment, services and solutions in addition to high level, long-term support, Marlink provides fully managed satcom-enabled solutions for land-based humanitarian operations – flexible and fast – to ensure the safety of your staff during your critical missions. We provide on-demand, 24/7 and 365 customer services and support.

Humanitarian & NGO

We design, build & operate turnkey network and tracking solutions to major organizers of corporate, sports, and cultural events, anywhere in the world. Our main priority is to provide maximum safety to the participants through high performance tracking solutions and instant alarms.

  • Tailor-Made, Integrated Network Communication System: Using unrivalled technologies, we design, provide, manage on the spot, a diverse, complete network communication solution that enable you to run your event smoothly and efficiently. Our high performance tracking solutions in real time with voice capability and instant alarms ensures security management.
  • Unmatched Safety: Our main priority is the safety of the participants and we offer high performance tracking solutions in real time, voice capability, and instant alarms.
  • Peace of mind: Because the sport event operations now run smoothly, the event operations organizers feel safe, secure. We are on the ground, working with event organizers day by day to help manage full logistics, provide technology support from start to finish. The event organizers feel reassured that they can deliver a successful event for their participants and fans alike.

Media & Broadcast

Sports & Cultural Events