The drive to improve efficiency has led to widespread digitalisation for monitoring and managing your remote operations, along with migration to the cloud. This transformation brings new challenges in handling multiple providers for the different networks, technologies and devices required to integrate your onshore and offshore operations across the world with your corporate offices, and with the cloud.

Why choose us?

  • We are the world’s leading provider of managed hybrid networks and cloud connectivity solutions for the oil and gas industry
  • We transform your oil and gas operations into a truly automated, interconnected world
  • Simplify your digitalisation initiatives and migration to the cloud with a future-ready network that is more agile and efficient
  • Ensure your network is always available and secure end-to-end, with the performance to support data-intensive business applications, cloud computing and welfare communications  for remote workers
  • We first served oil platforms in the North Sea in 1976 and since then, have provided managed network solutions to companies in every part of the oil and gas value chain

The digital oilfield

Based on over 40 years’ experience in the oil and gas industry, we deliver end-to-end, customised solutions that meet your specific requirements for every operational stage.


  • Enable flexible, temporary communications for mobile teams
  • Quick-deploy VSAT systems, portable broadband terminals and satellite
    phones for onshore where there are no terrestrial networks
  • Stabilised VSAT and mobile satellite services for offshore

Drilling and production

  • Link remote operations to corporate offices and the cloud through hybrid
    network solutions
  • Fixed VSAT systems extended with fibre, 4G LTE and microwave links for
    refineries, gas plants, storage sites and treatment facilities
  • Stabilised VSAT, mobile satellite services and 4G LTE for vessels, FPSOs,
    fixed platforms and semi-submergible rigs

Crew and worker welfare

  • Attract and retain the best staff with communications and recreational
    services to keep morale high
  • Handle health issues and medical emergencies more efficiently with
    a telemedicine solution
  • Improve safety and emergency response with tracking solutions for
    mobile teams

M2M and IIoT

  • Monitor and manage remote assets such as wellheads and pipelines
    in real-time
  • Enhance automation and comply efficiently with safety requirements
    and environmental regulations

End-to-end managed global network solutions

From individual satellite communication systems to fully managed hybrid network solutions to serve all your remote operational needs, onshore and offshore.

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Network Management

Crew and Worker Welfare

Customer Support

Managed Services

As a single supplier of connectivity systems, IT solutions and managed services, we deliver seamlessly integrated solutions backed by end-to-end SLAs to assure near 100% service availability, expert customer support, global field service and reporting and management tools.

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