The digital oilfield is here with integrated systems, applications and monitoring equipment requiring 24/7 reliable connection. Whether operating offshore or in a remote location onshore, you need a trusted communications partner to create a network solution to help you reach your operational goals.

The impact of digitalisation on your operations has resulted in your company needing to find effective methods of sending large amounts of data to shore. You now need a stable connection for all your crew while also ensuring your operational technology (OT) is online, and you are continuously monitoring your asset in line with increasing Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) demands.

At Marlink, we create customised, seamless end-to-end smart network solutions designed around your goals and operations – working alongside your IT team to provide future-ready, reliable and efficient networks.

Optimising Operations through Data

Data has now become a driver for change, and the quantities that need to go back to shore are increasing exponentially, but to take advantage of it, you need a low latency, reliable link from a partner that grows with you.

Utilising hybrid networks – comprised of NGSO, GEO satellite and terrestrial connections – interlinked with data analytics and cloud computing, Marlink can help you stay connected, optimise performance, reduce costs and mitigate risks.

Our solutions are suitable for all of your offshore assets, including jack-up rigs, production platforms, FPSOs, drillships and semi-submersibles or onshore for both conventional rigs and mobile sites. We create your solution by combining:

  • Hybrid, Smart Networks
    With increasing options for connection from fibre, LTE, Ka-, Ku-, L-, C- band satellites, MEO, and soon, to LEO. You need a solution that matches your operations, keeping you connected and giving you the latency you require.
  • Engineered Redundancy
    Downtime is never acceptable. However, we must acknowledge it is a reality for all communications networks. Therefore, we build redundancy at all levels in our solutions, combining it with thorough monitoring to minimise the impact of any outages.
  • Active Security
    Cybersecurity is no longer optional, with increasing levels of attacks launched on the energy industry. That’s why we provide a comprehensive security package covering our and our customers’ networks. It is constantly updated to meet the changing threats.
  • Network Management
    Your network is becoming increasingly complex, requiring careful management tailored to your team’s needs. Our software-defined networking solution streamlines network management and operations.
  • Monitoring & Analysis
    Complete visibility of a network’s performance is essential for efficient management and smooth running. Real-time monitoring gives you a snapshot of your network’s performance, wherever it is and wherever you are in the world.

Every solution is designed with your operational and digitisation goals at the centre to ensure your success.

End-to-end managed global network solutions

We create solutions based on your requirements, from individual satellite communication systems to fully managed smart network solutions to serve all your remote operational needs, onshore and offshore.

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Managed Services

As a single supplier of your smart network solution, we deliver seamlessly integrated solutions backed by end-to-end SLAs to assure near 100% service availability, expert customer support, global field service and transparent monitoring tools.

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