Secure, reliable, high-speed communications are a prerequisite for government applications in any location, whether it’s for military operations, foreign affairs or peacekeeping. As greater efficiency is required to make optimal use of network assets, we provide an unrivalled global satcom and terrestrial hybrid network solutions that meet your specific requirements across diverse operational scenarios on land, at sea and in the air.

Why choose us?

  • We are the world’s leading provider of satellite communications, serving European and international militaries and government institutions
  • We make your mission-critical communications more flexible and efficient with secure, reliable satcoms and smart networks alongside government infrastructure
  • We deliver seamlessly integrated solutions that complement government networks for greater resiliency, efficiency and flexibility, backed by SLAs to assure near 100% availability
  • Our network is fully secure and supports encryption
  • Our global service network in over 130 countries and 24/7 support ensures we’re always quick to respond

Digital Government Operations

We help you digitise your government operations in any location with customised solutions enabling voice, data and video applications, from individual communication systems to fully managed networks. We deliver always-on connectivity and real-time access to mission-critical data to improve situational awareness, speed up response and continually improve efficiency.

Military Government

  • Special operations: Communications for small tactical units, using small, rapidly deployable equipment.
  • Large-scale operations: High-speed connectivity for army, naval and air force operations with dedicated bandwidth as well as bandwidth-on-demand services for increased flexibility.
  • Peacekeeping: Communications On The Move, high-speed links and IoT solutions with seamless interoperability for multinational operations.

Foreign Affairs

  • Embassy communications: Hybrid network solutions incorporating fixed VSAT systems and terrestrial links to handle diplomatic or trade issues more quickly independent of local networks;
  • Head of State communications: Mobile satellite services to ensure constant access with the mission office and vehicle tracking to improve safety and security.

Civil Government

  • Emergency services: Portable communications for disaster situations and general duties, with seamless interoperability between police, fire and ambulance services.
  • Critical infrastructure: VSAT systems for remote site connectivity and emergency back-up communications to ensure operational continuity as well as IoT solutions to detect and rapidly resolve problems.

End-to-end solutions

Marlink offers the broadest range of satellite communications (satellite phones, broadband terminals, VSAT in all available bands) and seamlessly integrates this with terrestrial technologies (Wi-Fi, LTE, LoRaWAN, UHF/VHF, microwave, fibre) to create hybrid network solutions based on the best commercial systems and services available.

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Managed Services

As a single supplier for equipment, services and solutions in addition to high level, long-term support, Marlink provides fully managed satcom-enabled solutions for land-based government operations – flexible and fast – to support increasingly data-intensive mission-critical applications, cloud computing and welfare communications in a more cost-efficient way.

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