Humanitarian & Development Aid

At times of disaster and need, humanitarian and development aid organisations are often the first to respond. Lives hang in the balance. You need total confidence in your ability to work and communicate – no matter how remote the location or how weakened the infrastructure. We know your challenges and we work by your side to keep everyone on the ground in touch with the wider world. We are reacting fast, proactively protecting and improving your communications through our end-to-end network. You go Above and Beyond, and so do we.

Why choose us?

  • We are one of the largest and most experienced network solutions partner to emergency and aid organisations, NGOs and UN agencies supporting every stage of your missions, from general daily operations to emergency response, disaster relief and sustainable development
  • We provide humanitarian organisations with reliable, best-fit hybrid network solutions and cloud services, keeping everyone on the ground in touch with the wider world to run critical operations efficiently
  • Our powerful Managed Services are tailored around you, proactively taking responsibility for integrating everything from handling your critical data to the most advanced cyber security, network management and access to the Cloud
  • Our global service network and 24/7/365 support ensures we’re always quick to respond, wherever and whenever you need us

Digital Humanitarian Operations

We strengthen humanitarian operations at times when lives and stability are at risk, allowing you to run your missions smoothly and efficiently in remote locations. We seamlessly integrate satellite, terrestrial and wireless communications to keep your teams on the ground safely connected with the internet and your business applications. Our customised network solutions flexibly scale as the mission evolves, from preparedness, response and recovery through to long-term operations.

General operations

  • Link regional centres and mission offices to corporate headquarters, the internet and the cloud to improve operational efficiency and agility through hybrid network solutions incorporating fixed VSAT systems extended with fibre, 4G LTE, Wi-Fi and microwave links

Emergency response and disaster relief

  • Improve situational awareness, speed up response and raise awareness for first responders with satellite phones, portable broadband terminals and quick-deploy VSAT systems
  • Facilitate set-up of emergency telecoms centres, optimise emergency aid processes and provision of lifelines to affected populations
  • Link camps to headquarters, regional centres, the internet and the cloud to improve efficiency with scalable network solutions
  • Improve supply chain logistics with automated inventory management and tracking of supply trucks

Aid worker and community welfare

  • Maintain aid worker well-being with communications and recreational services
  • Enable affected communities to contact family and friends and receive critical information
  • Supplement medical staff on the ground with telemedicine solution
  • Improve safety with tracking solutions and emergency communications for aid workers

Sustainable development

  • Improve living conditions and economic development in rural communities through primary healthcare, education & eLearning, renewable energy, sustainable food production, transparent elections…

End-to-end Solutions

Marlink offers the broadest range of satellite communications and seamlessly integrates this with terrestrial technologies to provide smart network solutions adapted to your needs. We provide everything from fixed, portable and rapidly deployed VSAT systems extended with terrestrial links (fibre, 4G LTE, Wi-Fi and microwave). From individual communication systems to fully managed hybrid networks, our solutions enable first responders and global aid workers to perform their work on the ground while staying connected to the headquarter and the cloud.

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Managed Services

As a single supplier of connectivity systems, IT solutions and managed services, we deliver seamlessly integrated solutions backed by end-to-end SLAs to assure near 100% service availability, expert customer support, global field service and reporting & management tools.

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