Humanitarian & NGO

Marlink enables humanitarian operations to run smoothly and efficiently in remote locations where conventional communications are unavailable or unreliable.

Marlink strengthen humanitarian operations at times when lives and stability are at risk.

Why choose us?

  • Proven experience in the Humanitarian market:  Since many years we are the communication partner and one of the largest providers for emergency and aid organisations, NGOs and UN agencies. We provide humanitarian organisations with a global, reliable, best-fit satellite network connectivity that enables them to run their business critical operations efficiently.
  • Best-fit Hybrid Satcom & Terrestrial solutions: We enable agencies to set up emergency telecoms centers, optimise emergency aid processes and provide a lifeline to affected populations via reliable, cost-effective satcom solutions. Our portfolio comprises fixed, portable and rapidly deployed VSAT, MPLS, tracking and hybrid solutions to enable first responders and aid workers to perform their work on site – anywhere in the world.
  • Peace of mind: As a trusted, single supplier of equipment, services and value added solutions in addition to 24/7 full lifetime support, Marlink provides managed satcom-enabled communication networks and global infrastructure for land-based humanitarian operations.

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Recommended Connectivity

Regardless of location or environmental conditions, you can count on the reliability of your satcom-based communication services when it is delivered by Marlink.
Our solutions use the best of quick deploy or permanent VSAT and hybrid network technology across all major platforms, including portable mobile satellite services (MSS) from Inmarsat, Iridium and Thuraya and intelligent live tracking technology for personnel and assets.

Recommended Connectivity

Tracking and Safety

Mobile Broadband

Satellite Phones

Quick deploy VSAT

Permanent VSAT

Recommended Digital Solutions

Benefit from a unique portfolio of innovative solutions expertly designed to enhance business efficiency: Network security, online management and proactive monitoring, WAN & MPLS, QoS, Bandwidth-on-Demand, VoIP and videoconferencing, Wi-Fi/WiMAX for extended site coverage as well as recreational services for humanitarian workers.

Recommended Digital Solutions

Traffic Management

IP telephony

Terrestrial Connectivity

Wireless Extension


As a single supplier for equipment, services and solutions in addition to high level, long-term support, Marlink provides fully managed satcom-enabled solutions for land-based humanitarian operations – flexible and fast – to ensure the safety of your staff during your critical missions.

We provide on-demand, 24×7 customer services and support.


24x7 Service Desk

Network Operation Center

Field Services