Marlink-Newtec – a Partnership in Action

Wednesday 3, July 2019

Working together on the connectivity mix of the future

Article published in Newtec’s Newsletter – May edition,  Pages 24-25

Newtec is proud to have developed a strong, long-term partnership with Marlink in recent years. This covers a variety of different enterprise sectors, including energy, mining, media and events and the humanitarian community, where over one thousand remote sites have been successfully deployed – that’s 1,100 remote terminals to be precise – beaming across 19 satellite networks, enabling worldwide coverage and flexible offerings to Marlink customers.

Marlink was an early adopter of the Newtec Dialog® platform, that addresses the requirements of Marlink’s customers on a global scale, as well as delivering innovation. This, combined with the very highest standard of customer care, are integral to Marlink’s overall company ethos.
For many of the remote sites that Marlink connects, there is a strong requirement for satellite connectivity due to the remote location of different assets where terrestrial networks do not reach. Marlink offers satellite-based connectivity along with 24/7 customer support via its fully owned teleports and Network Operations Centers (NOCs) as well as a global servicing network.
Marlink’s portfolio of managed connectivity and IT solutions includes a range of C-band and Ku-band VSAT, as well as on-demand L-band and Ka-band services. This enables enterprise and maritime customers to optimize their operations through an integrated offering of reliable broadband and IT, digital solutions, bridge electronics and flexible maintenance and service.

Photo Courtesy Marlink: RF uplink station connected to Marlink’s Terralink Hub in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman

A Partnership in Action
An excellent illustration of the way in which the partnership enables Marlink’s customers is the recent installation of Marlink’s new Terralink Hub and RF uplink station for Mahd Satellite at its headquarters in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman. Newtec Dialog is one of the components of Marlink’s fully managed network operator service that enables Mahd Satellite to offer a comprehensive range of VSAT communications capabilities for its customers while controlling the infrastructure to function within the country’s regulatory framework.
The Terralink Hub services from Marlink supply a complete end-to-end VSAT connectivity solution which features 24/7 Level 2 monitoring and control plus full marketing and engineering support, with value-added IP services including Internet backbone access, routing, firewalling and a customer portal. For Mahd Satellite, the breadth and adaptability of the Terralink Hub’s managed service translates into a highly efficient and cost-effective means of meeting network capacity requirements and providing Internet access for end-users to access diverse applications from business-critical email and video streaming to web browsing and support of Internet apps. The service is specially adapted to sectors including defense, oil and gas, security, telecoms and IT, construction and utilities.

An Evolving Connectivity Landscape – Covered
As communications transform across the board, and the satellite industry moves into a new era of connectivity, the partnership between Newtec and Marlink will adapt and change accordingly. At both companies, these changes have long been recognized and are being addressed through forward-thinking and commitment to innovation. We see the importance of working together as an industry to address the connectivity mix of the future where satellite and terrestrial communications will meet and merge, creating hybrid networks that will help to address our ever-increasing connectivity requirements on land, sea and in the air. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. This blend of technology will be essential as we move into a world of ubiquitous communications.
Both Marlink and Newtec place this new future at the forefront of everything we do. Enabling seamless, reliable and affordable connectivity, wherever it is needed, is our mantra. As a pioneer in the delivery of business-critical IT, communications and digital solutions, Marlink is a service provider both the enterprise and maritime sectors can count on.

The cooperation with Marlink shows what a true and strategic partnership is about: both partners contribute and benefit equally from it,  said Thomas Eggenweiler, Head of Global Accounts at Newtec. We look forward to taking our partnership to a new level and enabling new capabilities and heightened flexibility to Marlink’s customers, today and tomorrow. The joint value proposition of Marlink and Newtec on the market makes us much stronger together than each of us individually. I would like to thank Marlink for its loyalty and trust in our partnership and I am confident that we have a bright future ahead of us.

From left to right:

  • Oliver Gommes, Director of Technology & Innovation, Marlink Enterprise
  • Kerstin Roost, Strategic Partnerships Operations Manager, Newtec
  • Simon Gatty Saunt, Vice President of Sales, Global Service Providers, SES Networks
  • Pia Sondergaard, Marketing Communications Manager, Marlink
  • Pierre Feldmann, Vice President of Enterprise Direct Sales, Marlink
  • Jessika Dammert, Chief Marketing Communications Officer, Marlink
  • Thomas Eggenweiler, Head of Global Accounts, at Newtec

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