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Marlink equips Electricité De France with Iritrack beacons for the safety of its Nuclear Rapid Action Force

Following the nuclear disaster in Fukushima, Japan, the international Nuclear Safety Authority decided to strengthen safety standards for enterprises in the nuclear energy sector.

In response to these new regulations, Electricité de France (EDF) is using Iritrack satellite data transmission services for real-time tracking and management of its mobile intervention resources.

Marlink_Electricité De France with Iritrack

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Knut Natvig
VP Corporate Press & PR

17.05.2017 – In the event of a nuclear incident, using Iritrack installed in its vehicles, EDF will be able to guarantee continuous communications with its personnel and the technical resources of its Nuclear Rapid Action Force (FARN).

Thanks to the global coverage of the Iridium network, accurate tracking of intervention resources is guaranteed wherever they are located. The solution includes an online platform to manage resources and to monitor the locations and alerts from Iritrack terminals.

Marlink provides customer support, from maintenance to value-added services, and delivers a fully managed end-to-end solution to EDF, which enables reliable communication in mission-critical environments.

Iritrack features a hands-free two-way voice communication function, allowing permanent contact with personnel during missions.

The user can make and receive calls from anywhere on the planet via global Iridium satellite connectivity.

Equipped with manual and automatic alarms, personnel safety is assured with Iritrack. In the event of an emergency, simply pressing the alarm button on Iritrack informs HQ that immediate assistance is required.

Additionally, the embedded shock detector automatically sends an alert containing GPS position, if it detects a violent impact, e.g. in case of an accident.

About EDF

The leading producer and supplier of electricity in France and in the world, EDF is specialised in the whole electricity generation and distribution process, from the design of power plants to distribution to private customers.

Nuclear energy represents the main part of its business with more than 50 nuclear reactors operating in France.

By providing a complete tracking service for the safety of technical and human resources, Airbus Defence and Space ensures EDF’s compliance with the nuclear safety standards.