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When operating in remote sites on land, you need a partner who can understand the evolving needs of your operation. This is why we specialise in providing flexible and reliable connectivity, designed to adapt with you. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead, we listen to your requirements and create customised hybrid network solutions. Whether you need low-latency, high-bandwidth, or secure connectivity, we’ve will create the solution for you.

We help a diverse range of enterprise customers operating in challenging environments to achieve more. Whether you’re a humanitarian organisation, aid worker, mining company, government agency, news organisation, sports or cultural event organiser, we work with you to help connect your people and digitalise your operations.

Mobile & fixed
land connectivity

land connectivity

We leverage continuous innovation, specialised knowledge, and advanced technology to bring you and your systems with a forward-looking approach, regardless of your global location. 

The most remote environments are typically the most challenging. Where connectivity appears unattainable, we thoroughly investigate various pathways to overcome your challenges, ensuring that secure connectivity doesn't just become possible but also trustworthy. 

Cutting-edge technology

We provide the latest LEO and MEO solutions - from providers like Starlink, OneWeb, and SES - backed by our reliable, global GEO network.

Flexible solutions

From quick-deploy VSAT to fully managed end-to-end secure networking, we can create a solution that scales with your operation

Mobile satellite services

Our customised MSS solutions enable internet, data, voice, and video applications that can be upgraded as your operations evolve.

Worker safety & well-being

With dedicated crew and worker welfare services, we help you enhance recruitment, boost morale, and facilitate smoother operations.

Support when you need it

We partner with you to ensure your network remains robust, our dedicated NOC and customer support team is here to assist you 24/7.

low-latency anywhere

We integrate the latest technologies within your network to give you the latency of LEO and MEO constellations with the reliability and back up of GEO services.



Whether on the move or at a fixed site, we engineer your solution to guarantee you 99.9% uptime.


Customer Support

Our dedicated NOC team quickly prioritise resolution and works closely with our field support to keep you connected. 


Years of Experience

Delivering leading satellite and network solutions for remote customers both on land and at sea. 



Focus on what is important to you, knowing you have the support of dedicated field service engineers in over 135 countries.  


Worker Morale

Offer your people fibre-like connectivity to keep them connected to those who matter. Create a happier team who can stream, browse and message like they would at home


Remote operations

Connected operations are now essential, make your hybrid network work for you. Enable your operational technology (OT) and systems, while you monitor constantly and support remotely.

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