Improve your
crew and workers' welfare

When your crew work in remote locations, they need the ability to reliably connect to family and friends back home. With industry-leading crew and worker welfare, you can maintain high morale and improve retention. From low-latency internet to innovative digital content services, we can design welfare solutions to meet the needs of your team.

Keep your workers 
connected, safe and entertained

Supporting worker
safety & well-being 

Whether your workers are at remote sites on land or on a rig offshore, working in these isolated situations can be difficult for them. They are far away from their normal life and need reliable connectivity to stay in touch with those they care about. That's why we help you improve your crew and worker connectivity to help you boost morale and productivity.

We also create welfare solutions that support your team, while ensuring the security of your corporate data. Through our managed networks and integration of Starlink, OneWeb or and SES mPOWER with our GEO service, we can segment your welfare traffic to separate your corporate data from your crew's online activity to maximise both security and performance. This ensures that your crew can experience low-latency internet without impacting your operations. 

managed welfare

Our welfare services enable your workers to stay in touch with their loved ones through internet access for video calls and social media, and to enjoy TV live streaming and Video-on-Demand to access entertainment content in their personal time.

Advanced IPTV 

TV-as-a-service offering a fully managed welfare solution, with 150 channels of news, entertainment, and gaming services.

Video on Demand 

With additional licensing your crew can access with the latest releases from Hollywood and other partners.

News & magazines

Enable your team to access the latest news and updates from across the globe with 7000 newspapers from 120 countries.

User management

Manage access for all users on site - from your crew to third parties - and benefit from advanced security options. 

Custom packages

Fully managed cost control options, including pre-paid vouchers or online card payments, with packages designed to fit your needs.

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