Standardise, simplify and automate IT operations at sea

To future-proof fleets, the maritime industry is embracing digitalisation at an accelerating rate. Today’s fleets depend on a diverse range of systems that are both complex and vulnerable, sometimes with new technology paired with legacy technology.

Maintaining these systems is a heavy burden for already over-stretched crew.

Now Marlink has created the new industry benchmark – ITLink, the maritime industry’s most complete solution to simplify and manage IT operations at sea.

Marlink’s ITLink empowers you to control, simplify and automate your IT management to deliver exceptional system resilience and lower costs. We can work in the way that best suits your needs – in partnership with your IT team with ITLink Pro, or by managing your IT solution for you with ITLink Managed.

ITLink has the flexibility to integrate with existing technology and connectivity. Updates can be rolled out across the fleet in minutes, keeping you constantly compliant and delivering critical protection against ever-present cyber risks.

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"As our operations become ever more sophisticated, encompassing the shore-based remote monitoring of onboard systems, it’s obviously vital for us to know that the digital foundation between vessels and from shore to ship can be relied upon without question." Regis Rougier, Vice President Operations, Altera