Are you ready to integrate Starlink connectivity into your remote operations?

As a globally authorised Starlink partner, we integrate the high-speed, low-latency Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite service into your existing network solution to empower your remote operations at sea or on land.

Starlink antennaWith flat panel antennas enabling easy deployment and download speeds of up to 350 Mbps, Starlink provides fibre-like connectivity that can be the ideal choice for your requirements, enhancing your current network solution for business communications and crew welfare.

To provide a seamless user experience for latency-sensitive applications or higher bandwidth needs, we can integrate Starlink into your hybrid network solution, incorporating both the reliability of our proprietary and market-leading GEO VSAT service with the availability of Starlink, 4G/5G, MSS or terrestrial connectivity. Depending on your needs, Starlink can be integrated into your solution, providing dedicated low-latency connection when available, or combined with your services with Starlink as the primary connectivity.

We design, build and manage your network by intelligently combining smart network and digital solutions, orchestrated via our secure SD-WAN technology. Your solution is managed end2end by our Network Operations Centres (NOCs) and 24/7 Customer Support.

Speak to Marlink today to find out how we can integrate Starlink into your network solution!

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