Integrate fast, seamless connectivity with Starlink

Accelerate your digitalisation, anywhere in the world

As experts in managed hybrid connectivity, we integrate the high-speed Starlink servicein your network solution to enhance your business and crew welfare. Benefit from seamless user experience, cloud access, and enhanced management of business critical data.

At Marlink, we build on our long-term expertise to integrate Starlink’s high-speed service in your hybrid network solution. Orchestrated by our smart network management platform, we deliver next generation connectivity, powering the applications you need with guaranteed CIR-based bandwidth and a built-in SLA. We engineer your ideal network design, combining our highly reliable, GEO VSAT with both 4G and 5G terrestrial connectivity and LEO/MEO services– resulting in a seamless user experience.

Our smart routing/SD-WAN solution provides you with greater business agility and responsiveness to keep pace with IT innovations and use of applications. It securely blends satellite, 4G/5G and wireless, and maximises performance by dynamically adjusting traffic flows based on the best available network conditions. SD-WAN can also be harnessed to optimise and prioritise traffic on an application basis, assigning priority and guaranteeing higher bandwidth to apps and business-critical tasks in line with your business goals.

With flexible service plans and download speeds of up to 250 Mbps, plus small-footprint, flat panel terminals, Starlink can be added to your existing network with the support of our experienced engineers


Your Benefits

Enhance your business operations by integrating Starlink in your network solution

Seamless blended networks

Blended, seamless routing delivers the advantages of a fast LEO network with the highest available uptime

Migration of access to the cloud

Continuous cloud access to maintain applications, monitor critical data and optimise performance

Boosted user experience

Faster internet means a vastly improved user experience, even powering data-hungry applications

Advanced network orchestration

Built-in redundancy, with optimised network configuration to route and prioritise traffic

Enhanced network security

Leverage SD-WAN to separate network, implement IT policies and securely connect with HQ

Crew & Worker Welfare

Offer your crew fibre-like connectivity to stream, browse and message like they would at home

Are you ready to integrate 
Starlink connectivity into your remote operations?

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