Unmanned vessels a distant vision? See the reality.

Monday 10, May 2021

For the SeaOwl Remotely Operated Services at Sea (ROSS) project, a special purpose, highly resilient satellite network solution is vital. This fully redundant and cyber secure network was installed on a first testbed of remotely operated offshore support vessels with no crew onboard.  A real-world demonstration of the system was conducted in September 2020, on the VN Rebel. Fully remotely controlled from shore, the project achieved its objective to provide a significant reduction in operation costs, initially in the offshore sector with potential application to other civilian and military craft.

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Marlink’s Smart network technology

Global, secure satellite services from Marlink provide SeaOwl with stable, reliable and global connectivity.

To meet maritime regulations, the remotely operated vessel is equipped with visual and auditory sensors, which provide the flight officer with a visual field and sound environment similar to what he would have if he were on board.

Powering this demands maximum availability and latency management in ever-changing weather conditions, to ensure fast, seamless Internet for the transfer of information (especially images and video) and the transmission of orders given by the officer in charge.

Marlink and SeaOwl held several engineering workshops to achieve a custom designed, highly resilient, and redundant connectivity and control system, comprising a Sealink VSAT system with three antennas, dual satellite feeds and dual below deck equipment. The system further features a unique customised dashboard interface for the ROSS system to monitor key link performance indicators including latency, jitter and throughput.

The installation is built on a backbone of state-of-the-art technology and leverages Marlink’s expertise in cyber security and network resilience; working closely in co-operation with Bureau Veritas and the French Department of Maritime Affairs in parallel to ensure compliance of statutory requirements.

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Watch our Remote Technology Webinar

Bureau Veritas, Marlink and a panel of experts assess the benefits and opportunities of remote technology in maritime.

The recorded panel discussion addressed questions like:

  • How are owners and suppliers navigating remote technology successfully?
  • What are the regulatory and technical challenges?
  • What can you do today? What steps are for the future?
  • What are the obstacles to remote operations, and what can you do?

SPECIAL GUEST: Seaowl presents the story of their unmanned vessel trials