Unmanned vessels a distant vision? See the reality.

Monday 10, May 2021

For the SeaOwl Remotely Operated Services at Sea (ROSS) project, a special purpose, highly resilient satellite network solution is vital. This fully redundant and cyber secure network was installed on a first testbed of remotely operated offshore support vessels with no crew onboard.  A real-world demonstration of the system was conducted in September 2020, on the VN Rebel. Fully remotely controlled from shore, the project achieved its objective to provide a significant reduction in operation costs, initially in the offshore sector with potential application to other civilian and military craft.

Watch the film:

Watch our Remote Technology Webinar

Bureau Veritas, Marlink and a panel of experts assess the benefits and opportunities of remote technology in maritime.

The recorded panel discussion addressed questions like:

  • How are owners and suppliers navigating remote technology successfully?
  • What are the regulatory and technical challenges?
  • What can you do today? What steps are for the future?
  • What are the obstacles to remote operations, and what can you do?

SPECIAL GUEST: Seaowl presents the story of their unmanned vessel trials