XChange NextGen
Power your digitalisation with our all-in-one network management platform 

XChange is the foundation of your digitalised vessel operations. The complete ecosystem facilitates integration with your corporate networks and systems and maximises the use of available bandwidth.

Power your vessel digitalisation

XChange NextGen 

At sea, you need secure and optimised networks that can be remotely managed to give you complete control of access, prioritisation of business and crew traffic and easy management of data and costs.

XChange maximises the use of available bandwidth by automatically utilising all available hybrid connectivity and smart switching between them. 

Its total ecosystem provides a large variety of complementary solutions such as file sharing and synchronisation across the fleet, an onboard intranet, always-on remote access from anywhere in the world to the entire vessel network, automatic reporting, and a range of crew welfare solutions, so crews can be as connected at sea as they are on shore.

Expertly designed
for the maritime industry

XChange has been specifically developed to serve the needs of our maritime customers and their IT managers. With almost 6,000 active XChange installations at sea today, XChange is a world-leading and continuously evolving platform for smart and comprehensive IT management that is indispensable on modern fleets.

The online Release Notes provide a first impression of new evolutions and system changes. For more details please read the dedicated Release Notes document or talk to your Key Account Manager.

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Advance your digitalisation 

Advance your
digital transformation

The XChange ecosystem is the bedrock of vessel digitalisation and hybrid connectivity integration, empowering your entire onboard IT systems. XChange comprises a complete portfolio of future-proof solutions, including the integration of multiple corporate networks with the highest security. It supports total and integrated onboard network and IT management with robust cyber security.

Secure and segregate

Secure and segregate
your onboard networks 

Define and set your multi-stage firewall rules and enhanced filters from shore to optimise your bandwidth usage and deploy your cyber security policies. Segregate your onboard IT infrastructure into multiple networks and safely connect with HQ, independent of the available broadband technology on board.

Manage, share and sync data 

Manage data
and share and sync files across the fleet 

Share and synchronise data and files of any size and type between ship and shore. Let your corporate systems exchange their data hassle-free in an automatised way and integrate an onboard intranet to ensure your staff on board has access to the latest corporate documents available.

Remote IT access 

Remotely control IT equipment onboard from anywhere 

XChange enables secure, network-independent access to all connected devices, allowing IT administrators to manage equipment on board regardless of the ship connectivity and from any remote location, anywhere in the world.

Support crew safety & wellbeing

Support crew
safety and wellbeing

XChange facilitates a full suite of crew welfare solutions, so crew can keep in touch with family, use the internet as they do at home and access training, reliable news and telemedicine.

We provide all the information you need to monitor usage, facilitate rebilling and eliminate manual data extraction. Prepaid internet and telephony solutions are simple, flexible and affordable, while crew connectivity can be easily managed and policies set over separated crew and corporate networks so that corporate traffic always remains prioritised.

Supporting your compliance 

Type Approved
supporting your compliance

Marlink's XChange platform has been granted new E27 Type Approval certification, confirming it meets the requirements of the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) and is fully compliant.

Upcoming IACS regulations dictate that from July 2024, new builds must use only certified equipment from certified suppliers. Under the Unified Requirement (UR E27), end-users must demonstrate that systems are secured and hardened by third-party equipment suppliers as well as meeting additional requirements for cyber resilience of onboard systems and equipment. A parallel rule, UR E26 targets the ship as a collective entity for cyber resilience and covers five key aspects: equipment identification, protection, attack detection, response and recovery.

Thanks to this Type Approval from global classification society Bureau Veritas, our customers can demonstrate compliance with E27 while being confident that XChange meets the highest standards of safety, reliability and performance. 

Further, vessel managers and operators will need to define and implement IT policies across all networks and apply measures to each based on where the data lands. These include managing individual devices using endpoint protection, network level security through unified threat management and proactive threat remediation, all services offered from inside the Marlink network.

Monitor from shore 

Proactive monitoring
and alerts from shore

The shore-side counterpart to XChange is Portal360, Marlink's free-to-access self-admin tool. Delivering subscription info, dashboard monitoring and real-time vessel position info. 

What our
customers say

Our experience using Marlink VSAT with the XChange management system has demonstrated the benefits of reliable, high throughput connections to our digitalised operations and now we are ready to take the next step.

Patrick Schulz-Hentschel, Head of IT dept., NSC-Group


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At the heart of our Sealink NextGen offer, XChange NextGen is packed with expertly designed tools and applications to efficiently run your network:

  • Seamless integration of multiple network providers with automatic routing ensures global coverage and guarantees service availability  
  • Traffic prioritisation and restriction, with access control keeps you safe from bill shock and guarantees consistent business critical communication lines  
  • Firewall, data security and virus protection give you full peace of mind  
  • Crew management tools support crew welfare, health & training  


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