XChange Cloud

Your dedicated solution for file transfer and data sharing

XChange Cloud streamlines and enhances business, logistical and vessel operations by providing a reliable, easy to manage platform to share important files of any size or type throughout a fleet.

The system is purposely designed to meet the more advanced needs for ship efficiency and data transmission over a satcom environment, compared to mainstream cloud storage and file transfer systems.

The automatic synchronisation feature, available as standard, means that XChange Cloud can help you reduce administration errors as well as offering huge storage capacity and tailored fleet management.

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What our customers say

"Our experience using Marlink VSAT with the XChange management system has demonstrated the benefits of reliable, high throughput connections to our digitalised operations and now we are ready to take the next step. Our plans for leveraging cloud-based data services and remote updating of PC networks for compliance, means we can improve service to our clients, as well as keep our crews happy." Patrick Schulz-Hentschel, Head of IT dept., NSC-Group