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Marlink deploys Eutelsat OneWeb LEO connectivity for PONANT to enhance hybrid digital solutions

Eutelsat OneWeb is partnering with Marlink, the smart network and digital solutions company, to provide digital connectivity solutions to PONANT, a world leader in exploration cruise, within its smart hybrid network.

Marlink deploys Eutelsat OneWeb LEO connectivity for PONANT
Copyright: ©Studio PONANT/Ophelie Bleunven Compulsory indication: photo taken during ice navigation flight.

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Knut Natvig
VP Corporate Press & PR

Oslo, Paris and London, – Marlink, the smart network and digital solutions company, has partnered with LEO internet operator, Eutelsat OneWeb, part of Eutelsat Group to provide digital connectivity solutions to PONANT, world leader in exploration cruise, within its smart hybrid network.

PONANT will deploy the Eutelsat OneWeb service on its polar exploration ship Le Commandant Charcot, the world’s only luxury icebreaker, providing guests and crew with high throughput and low latency internet access across the vessel’s itinerary. Leveraging Marlink’s expertise in smart hybrid networks, the bandwidth delivered by Eutelsat OneWeb will enable PONANT’s seamless collaboration between the ship’s bridge, engineering crew and shore teams. Guests will enjoy better connectivity to friends and family and access streaming video or social media.

As a long-standing partner to PONANT, Marlink has deployed a complete hybrid network solution onboard Le Commandant Charcot, combining GEO VSAT, LEO services and 4G/5G cellular services.

Based on a Service Level Agreement (SLA) model, PONANT has service levels defined by Committed Information Rate (CIR) and Maximum Information Rate (MIR). A fully encrypted network uses a layered service approach to ensure complete privacy while multiple service profiles can segregate crew and operational traffic on the same terminal.

With 634 satellites now in orbit, the Eutelsat Group’s LEO constellation is complete and fully operational down to 25 degrees latitude. The company is continuing to progress the roll out of its ground station infrastructure which will enable global maritime services Today, Eutelsat OneWeb is selling connectivity services to the maritime industry, via its specialist maritime distribution partners such as Marlink.

This is a new generation of broadband services for maritime, powered by LEO satellites to create a truly global connectivity platform to bring fibre to the high seas. Eutelsat OneWeb and Marlink service will support PONANT in its ongoing digitalisation, both on and offshore and PONANT’s guests with a high quality internet experience to match its refined experience. Marlink is a highly respected industry leader and we are delighted to be continuing in our partnership.

Carole Plessy, VP Europe and Maritime, Eutelsat OneWeb

Marlink is delighted to apply its expertise in integrating the latest new technologies with the addition to Eutelsat OneWeb’s LEO solution to the smart hybrid network available to guests and crew onboard Le Commandant Charcot,” says Tore Morten Olsen, President, Maritime, Marlink. “The Eutelsat OneWeb’s LEO constellation provides a new level of user experience onboard ship, unlocking new applications as well as supporting safer, more efficient sailing.

Tore Morten Olsen, President, Maritime, Marlink

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About Marlink

Marlink is the trusted partner in fully managed smart network solutions, based on an intelligent hybrid network and unrivalled digital solutions, that connects people and assets around the globe and in all markets where conventional connectivity cannot reach or is unavailable. Marlink’s hybrid network combines global satcom and terrestrial technologies via a proprietary global infrastructure.

XChange, Marlink’s integrated management platform, orchestrates and optimises all network elements and applications, from data processing and IT to application-based routing (SD-Wan), cloud access and digital solutions, including remote data and IT, cyber security as well as IoT/OT solutions.

This gives customers complete “peace of mind” that their chosen network solution is fully optimised, integrated and has the security required to operate more profitably and sustainably, increasing their efficiency and security through operational optimisation, tracking, routing, monitoring and reporting.

Marlink’s Smart Network Solutions are delivered as managed services to the highest quality standards and service level agreements. The company proactively monitors and supports network solutions, providing alerts, reporting and insight into the performance and usage of connectivity, systems and applications, as well as advice and consultancy on how to further optimise customers’ networks.

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About Eutelsat OneWeb

Eutelsat OneWeb is a subsidiary of Eutelsat Group, the global leader in satellite communications delivering connectivity and broadcast services worldwide. The Group was formed through the combination of Eutelsat and OneWeb in 2023, becoming the first fully integrated GEO-LEO satellite operator with a fleet of 37 Geostationary satellites and a low Earth orbit earth constellation of more than 600 satellites.

The Group addresses the needs of customers in four key verticals of Video, where it distributes more than 6,500 television channels, and the high-growth connectivity markets of Mobile Connectivity, Fixed Connectivity, and Government Services.

Eutelsat Group’s unique suite of in-orbit and on-ground assets enables it to deliver integrated solutions to meet the needs of global customers. The Company is headquartered in Paris and Eutelsat Group employs more than 1,700 people from 50 different nationalities. The Group is committed to delivering safe, resilient, and environmentally sustainable connectivity to help bridge the digital divide. The Company is listed on the Euronext Paris Stock Exchange (ticker: ETL) and the London Stock Exchange.

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PONANT has been committed to more responsible tourism, and purposeful voyages of exploration for 35 years.

Aboard a fleet of 13 French-flagged small ships, fitted with the latest environmental technologies, the journey of exploration is always elegant, authentic and inspiring.

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