Confirmed Maritime Connectivity World Leader

Marlink has been ranked market leader in maritime connectivity across several market research reports over the last two years, including those of Valour Consultancy, Northern Sky Research and Comsys.

The latest report to be published is from Euroconsult, and it places Marlink as world leader in maritime VSAT in 2020, for both revenue and install base.

Earlier reports found Marlink to be the Maritime VSAT market leader based on 2019 revenues.

Summary of Findings:

  1. Valour Consultancy (The Future of Maritime Connectivity, 2020 Edition)
    • Marlink is the largest provider of maritime VSAT (24% market share)
    • Marlink is number 1 in MSS connectivity market share (23%)
    • Marlink is number 1 in combined maritime VSAT + MSS connectivity market share (24%)
  2. Northern Sky Research (Maritime Satcom Markets, 8th Edition)
    • Marlink has regained the number 1 spot in maritime VSAT revenue for the second year running (24% market share)
    • Marlink is the world’s largest provider of Maritime MSS services
  3. Comsys Maritime (Comsys Maritime VSAT Report, 5th Edition)
    • Marlink is the world’s largest provider in maritime VSAT revenue (20% market share)

Marlink has the strength, stability and longevity to partner with you today, tomorrow and always.

Putting our customers at the centre of what we do, is putting us in the lead!


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